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Online Coaching

Due to the unprecidented Coronavirus-19 do you need help in getting started or staying motivated?

Do you know you can use almost all 605 muscles of your body with walking?

Are you at a plateau with your walking?

As an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, I offer specialized programs developed specifically for you, to help you achieve your health goals. I have been coaching others, just like you, either individually or in group training for many years. I am passionate about walking, the act and art of doing so, as well as the incredible benefits. You will discover the power of walking technique and training in helping you achieve your goals- health, fitness or sport specific.

Are you ready to consider Online Coaching services?

Diane was not able to improve her walking pace without minor aches and pains.
Utilizing email, phone and video to identify gait and muscle imbalances, she was able to achieve her goal of walking pain free.

'Judy, Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me this fall.  The exercises you gave me are great.  I can now feel and move my glutes (butt muscles) and am walking much better..'
ianne B., Virgina

Kathy, a racewalker, was struggling with her walk technique. She found herself being disqualified during judged racewalks. Through video coaching and emails, she corrected her technique and received awards in summer racewalk events.

Judy, you are amazing – thank you for the good questions and detailed feedback – it is so helpful and gives me things to work on this week.  ~Kathy B., Arizona

Contact Judy at 503.282.1677 or email to schedule an appointment or a free 20 minute phone consultation

What You Can Expect from Me

With online training I strive to provide you with the personal attention and expert training advice you deserve. My objective is to offer individualized, coaching that helps you achieve your goals and learn more about yourself and the training process at the same time. Our first challenge is in identifying your goals, what works and what doesn't. I am conservative in that keeping you healthy and injury free is very important for over all enjoyment and lifestyle target. I will want to know more about your activity or walking background, over all health, etc. My focus is on muscular strength and balance, technique, mobility and flexibility, FEET, shoes, nutrition, as well as creating and reviewing training schedules. I will ask you to complete a Questionnaire (sent via e-mail) which gathers detailed information on you, your training / racing history as well as your goals. We will be in contact with each other weekly via email or phone.

Your Part

This is just as important part as what I offer. The more information we gather, the better able I am in helping your achieve your racing goals. I ask that you provide the feedback that will allow me to help you best. Throughout the program, it is important to have consistent feedback (weekly or bi-weekly) via e-mail or phone. I wholeheartedly welcome and encourage your feedback as often as necessary, especially in the early part of our working together. Ask all your questions. Let me know how things are going - both physically and mentally. You are the only one who truly knows your body so I rely on your feedback to keep your program on the fast track to success.


The cost for the on-line personal coaching program varies per month depending on the length of commitment. This rate includes the complete package described above as well as unlimited contact via phone and email. There are no varying levels of service/benefits (i.e., gold, silver, bronze programs).

All individuals receive the same level of service.

For more information or free telephone consultation call

Judy at 503-282-1677 or email.

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