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Welcome to Wonders of Walking in Portland, Oregon


You have made a great first step by finding our website.
Have Fun! You can become - - at any age - - who you want to be.
I look forward to sharing your journey toward a vibrant active lifestyle.

WOW's focused FUN wellness & walking programs offer effective training sessions targeting functional strength,conditioning, mobility, flexibility and over all wellness  for all levels of walkers / athletes - beginner to elite.

WOW programs are canceled following the protocol guidelines for the Coronavirus-19 and ‘social distancing’

Judy offers distance online coaching options

Please email info(at) for more information

Maybe you are interested in race walking?

How about Nordic Walking? 
Would you like to:

  • Reduce walking stress on joints?
  • Burn up to 40% more calories?
  • Have a toned upper body?
  • Have fun?

Walking is a big deal, because almost everyone can do it. It is easy, health promoting-and an exercise that is what you want it to be.  It can be a fun, age-defying activity; leisurely and high performance.

What better vehicle than Walking (our default gait )to provide you with the resources to create a healthy body, sound mind and vibrant active habits for a lifetime.

Look at our Nutrition information and tempt yourself with one of the fabulous recipes we have collected.  

Or ask your employer to schedule one of our dynamic wellness seminars tailored to your workplace.



What Our Clients Say:

"With that many different levels of participants, you guys did a marvelous job keeping all of us actively involved.  I don't remember standing around waiting or beginners or more advanced (than I am) taking a lot of time away from the rest of us - I know it is very difficult to keep us all happy. Great balance of classroom and track time - we tend to get slow after lunch, but it was great the way we sit and learn, wake up and go outside to work out, then come back in to cool down and learn some more! Great coaches - not only do they all have impressive credentials but also added value to the Retreat." Participant 2009

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